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In this tutorial I’ll show you how I made this simple Valentine’s Day backdrop.

All you need:

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite time of the year. The decorations, the hearts, and so many picture ideas to do with the kids. I just LOVE it!
This year I did this cute photo shoot with both of them together and it was so much fun! Since baby Jaz is 1 and able to walk around (and run) now, I figured “Why not get them matching clothes too?!” Jef, my 6 year old, loved the idea!
 I’m no professional at photography at all. I just like to get creative and make memories for them to go back and look at when they are older!
 The backdrop I did was very simple, cheap, and easy. Uhm.. excuse me for my poor quality phone pictures. But there is a lot of cuteness and smiles in the pics! I had lots of fun taking these pics. Jaz thought the paper roll was a baseball bat -daily #boymom life lol- so the backdrop ended up being very “wrinkly”.
I used a white craft paper roll for the background which I got at Pat Catan’s for $3.99. Unfortunately, it got wrinkled since my son thought it was a great idea to use it as a baseball bat. The heart garland I got at Michael’s for $1,00 and the hearts for $1.00. I used clear tape to hold up craft paper and the garland.
I recommend doing this where you have a big window or at least a good natural light coming in through the windows. Natural light makes pictures much more clear. I did this little photo shoot in the kitchen by the big window, but the day wasn’t too bright for me.


I was a little worried how the little one would do with this whole photo shoot session. But he did great! He loved it and I got to capture lots of pictures of them smiling and laughing.
Make sure to keep the camera handy and get tons of pictures ( I ended up taking about 50 pics) and then pick out your best, as they move around soooooo much. I don’t know if it’s my kids only, but they won’t stay still in one spot for long!
That smirk on his face is priceless!
Oh boy, my not so baby anymore is looking so handsome and happy!
Those little pillow I got last year at the thrift store for .25 and I’m so glad I kept them!
You can really use any extra’s or props that go with your picture theme. Plus, having these “extras” will keep the little hands busy and entertained and not tempted to pull out the garland. LOL!

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