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We’ve all had good hair days and bad hair days. Lately, I’ve had more bad hair days than the norm. You may have been blessed or cursed with your hair, but whatever it is there is always a way to improve, style and manage it.

I’ve always had curly hair. It used to be very thick, curly hair. The first time I dyed my hair, I ruined it forever. I’m not kidding, I wish I was though. My natural hair is very dark brown. I had no clue what I was doing. But a friend had advised me to use peroxide 40 and I let that sit on my hair for 40 minutes! It burned so much, but she had “experience” since she had been dying her own her for quite some time. When I rinsed out the dye, I lost so much hair as well. I remember hair falling off through my fingers as I rinsed my hair. Ugh, that was such a bad experience. Since then, I have to use a diffuser to get volume in my hair and learned some great hair care tips that have helped me manage it the best I can.

Whatever your hair type might be, there is always a fix or hack to keep it looking amazing. Check out these hair care tips and tricks I’ve found and see what works for you!


How To Grow Super Long Hair

Whether your hair barely grows or grows at a normal rate, this hair growth technique can work wonders on even the thinnest and most damaged hair! You’ll need coconut oil, castor oil , honey and one egg. It’s completely natural, free of chemicals, and takes just minutes to make! I’m pretty sure you’ll have most of these ingredients already in your home! Go get the directions for this amazing hair growth mask!

Found From Style Tips 101


Coconut Oil Hair Treatments

Coconut oil has a lot of benefits. Check out these hair make and find one to aid with your hair problems.

Found From The Indian Spot 

DIY Curl Cream

Shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera. All three of these ingredients combined make for a kick-ass curl cream that you’ll love using day after day!

Found From Style Tips 101


31 Charts That Will Help You Have The Best Hair Of Your Life

Found From Tru Bridal


How To Get Thick Hair With Home Remedies?

Thin hair? No problem. Try these remedies to cure the problem of having thin hair.

Found From  Beauty Epic

11 Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair That’ll Make You Say Goodbye to Frizz Forever

Having curly hair can definitely be a struggle. But there’s no need to be ashamed of  them! Make sure to go and check more tips and tricks to take care of your curly hair, eliminate frizz and make your hair look better than ever!

Found From Teen


How To Make Deep Conditioner Naturally

Bonus Hair Care Tip From DIY Remedies

Avoid over usage of blow dryers and also hot water showers, as it dries out your moisture and makes them too dry and frizzy.

Drink plenty of water and consume a healthy diet (include fresh fruits and vegetables) in your daily diet.

Always use the natural ingredients rather than supplements on hair and also rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

Found From DIY Remedies


Tips For Creating Your Healthy Hair Regimen

I chose this one because this is something I need to implement in my life. Creating your hair care regimen can take time and patience, but I’m sure that the results will be worth it at the end!

Found From Happily Ever Natural



18 Life-Changing Hacks For Curly Hair

A few curly hair tips from Cosmopolitan

When letting your hair dry, try “pineappling” or piling your hair into a loose bun or ponytail on top of your head. This will prevent gravity from pulling your curls out and causing frizz.

When combing or brushing your hair, gradually move upward instead of starting at the roots. It’s much easier to comb through knots at the ends first.

Instead of a towel, use a T-shirt after washing. Using a T-shirt, towels will absorb too much water and moisture out of the hair, which causes frizz, instead of just the excess water. The smoothness of a T-shirt will also help smooth your curls and prevent them from getting matted together.

Read more hair car tips for curly hair from Cosmopolitan


Eat These Foods Twice A Day To Increase Hair Growth And Develop UNBREAKABLE Nails

Just like any other part of your body, the nutrients you take in on a daily basis is essential for the proper function of both your nails and hair. Although nail and hair health is very dependent upon the type of diet you are consuming, there are many other factors that can effect your hair and nail health.

Read more on how eating these foods can improve your hair and nails Family Life Goals


Hair Car Tips And Tricks

This one shares some pretty awesome hair care tips like get enough sleep, avoid harsh chemicals and recommends to get a scalp massage to encourage blood flow and the spread of nutrients.

Found From Free Infographics Submit

Hair is fascinating but can be very difficult to manage. But there are plenty of ways to take care of it naturally and keep it strong and healthy.

Do you know more hair care tips and tricks? Share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear them!



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  1. I need to get a Costco sized coconut oil and try some of these! i feel like my hair stops growing sometimes and I’d love to have it really long!

  2. You’ll definitely want a big tub of coconut oil. I use it for my face and my mouth too! With consistency and a little patience, your hair is going to be as long as you want it 🙂

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