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My Pinterest views has sky rocketted in the past 90 days. I’m blown away by the fact that I went from 2,000 Pinterest views to over 1 million views in just 3 months!

I’ve had my Pinterest account for pure fun and pleasure and have been pinning and using it as my main search engine for pretty much everything for the past three years. I started blogging in January 2016  solely for keeping myself accountable  throughout my weight loss journey. I had zero interest in anybody reading how I struggled through the week and binge ate through an entire season of Santa Clarita’s Diet.  But in the summer, I was binge reading and inspired by what Silas & Grace had done with their blog in such a short period of time, I decided to switch from the free to get a self hosted and figure out how to monetize (aka make money from my blog). And instead of having that long now it simply is, pretty neat, right!

If you’re a new blogger, you can too boost your Pinterest traffic views! No need to have 50+ blog posts. In fact, I only have 15 pinnable posts. Forget those ‘how I struggle to lose weight post’ I have. I DO NOT pin those. I’m just doing you a favor- trust me, lol. I like sharing content that can be resourceful to others. I had 71 Pinterest followers and getting two thousand views a month by sharing other pinners amazing content. If you’re just starting on Pinterest, you should create a few boards and have at least 50 pins. For each blog post that you have, you want to create 3-4 different images to be pinned. I sometimes like to even change the title a little bit. You’d be surprised as to how some images may get more re-pins than others. If you’re scrolling through Pinterest, what would you pin? Think of pictures you would click on and save. Sure, if you find a pin that is super useful and is exactly what you were looking for and save it even if it isn’t too pretty. BUT, we want to have images that are eye catching! Having multiple pinnable images gives you the ability to share the same blog post on a group board without seeming spammy. Now you might think 4-5 images to be pinned may be a lot, and you’re right. You don’t want to have all these images on your blog post, and that’s why you need embedded hidden pins within your post. 

Below are two examples of pins.



Pinterest favors vertical images. Up to 80% of pinners view the Pinterest feed from mobile devices, it just makes sense to use images that are more tall than wide. Pins that are long are more favorable on Pinterest since they take up more room on the feed, making it hard to pass. I like using PicMonkey and Canva because it’s very easy to add text in the images. Although PicMonkey is no longer free, you have to pay for membership to save your images. Perfect Pinterest medium pin size: 564 width and 1128 height. For a perfect Pinterest tall pin size: 564 width and 1692 height.

Hide Pinnable Images in blog posts

After you’ve created your images, in your blog post in WordPress you want to add your images as you would using the “Add Media” button. Then you’ll switch to “text mode” found on the tabs on the top corner.

Now you’ll want to find the image tags for the image you want to hide. It will look something like this:

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-2150 alignnone” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”138″ height=”300″ />

Right before the <img class=”  you want to place this code:

<div style="display: none">

Right after the image tag finishes, after the/> place this code:


And that’s it! Now you can switch back to “Visual mode” on the tab on the top corner, and you’ll see that the images are no longer there. Now if you’re going to share your blog post to Pinterest, you have all the hidden images available to be pinned.

You can sign up with Bluehost right now and get your own blog started for just $2.65 a month.

I switched my personal account to business account

Converting to a business account is free. Switching your personal account to a business account will not change your pinning experience, and your account will still look the same to the public. The only difference is that you’ll have access to some pretty neat features. I highly recommend converting your personal account to a business account. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

To convert your personal account to a business account, visit the Pinterest business page and click on “Convert Now.” Pinterest will guide you through the steps for converting your account.

Rich Pins

Rich pins really pop your presence on Pinterest. Quite simply, rich pins offers more details than your standard Pinterest pins, with your blog’s name and icon displayed underneath the pin image, making it very easy to direct users to the pins  source (aka YOU!) Since activating rich pins on my Pinterest account, I’ve been getting an insane amount of views and re-pins.

There are four types of rich pins. Article rich pins are perfect for bloggers. There are also product, recipe and app rich pins. To add rich pins to your account click here.

join Group Boards

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your site, you want need to be on a group board! The reason why this is so effective is because your pins are exposed to a larger audience. Pins that are shown to 100 followers won’t get the same exposure as one with 2000 followers. I had 71 followers when I started, had I not joined multiple group boards (15 to be exact), I would not have been able to reach 1 million Pinterest views. Pinterest group boards hold the potential to explode your blog traffic. When you pin your content tot a group board, it will be seen by all the board members. If someone repins your content from the group, it will be shown to all the followers and people who have similar interests to those followers. So being part of a group board is a real time saver for new users of Pinterest.

There are a few ways that you can join and find group boards. is a free site that will help you find group boards based on keywords in the description or in the title. You can also stalk other bloggers. This is my favorite way of finding group boards. I visit the bloggers profile who are in my niche and see what group boards they’re a part of. I’ll then simply apply to join the group board. Finding the right group board to join, will take time. Before I started pinning my content, I spent an entire week sending 3-5 requests a day to join. Sometimes, Many times, I never got a response. And that’s ok. Don’t get discouraged. There are many group boards for you to choose from. Since I’ve done a lot of the legwork, I might as well share with you some of my favorite Pinterest group boards.


facebook groups

Facebook groups is another great business tool. And in this blogging world, you want to get to know other bloggers as well. For me, it really helps to have other places to promote my pins. Being part of a Facebook group will not only help you promote your content but also collaborate with other bloggers, have support, and even ask for help. You don’t need to be in whole lot of Facebook groups to see reap the benefits. In fact, I am a member of only four Facebook groups. But these groups are outstanding and being active in these groups has made a huge impact in my blog and Pinterest traffic. For many of them, you need to request approval to join. These are my favorite Facebook groups. I hope that you’ll find them useful too!

Follow Other Pinners

Following people is a major consideration when trying to attract followers for yourself. Lets say that you follow 5-10 people every week, some will follow you back. This is a good steady rate of growth. Make sure that you choose carefully who you will follow, you want to get interesting content from them to re-pin onto your Pinterest home page.

Tip: Don’t just pin your own photos, make sure that you pin other things too! People won’t want to follow you if all you pin is your own stuff. Mix it up. Make one board that solely has your own pins. I have a board called The Best Of Mom Insane Fit and pin all my posts there first, then pin to the other group boards. Leverage Holidays and Special occasions. This is a great way to get quick exposure. This could be DIY decorations or recipes for Christmas, Fall, Halloween or Valentine’s Day. Regardless of the event, creating a board for a specific holiday or event can generate interest to your account. Once you have your Pinterest business account, you are able to display your boards of choice at the top of your Pinterest profile. You can customize to choose boards you want to Showcase on your Pinterest profile. You’lll find this on your Pinterest profile settings.




Tailwind is a program that allows you to schedule your pins on Pinterest. All you have to do on Pinterest to get these results is- just keep pinning! With Tailwind you only sit down once a week and schedule your pins for the week. I usually do this on Sundays and it takes me about one hour to schedule my pins for the week. Although I didn’t use Tailwind as much as I should’ve. I’m a huge procrastinator and put my pins scheduling times for later, and later and never got it done- procrastination queen, I’m telling ya! Many times I had to manually pin throughout the day- time consuming, but still pinning consistently.  The secret is in pinning your own content to multiple boards. Using Tailwind, you simply set the minimum interval you want that Pin to be posted, and Tailwind spaces out the repeats into the appropriate time slots. They even determine what are your best times to pin! In order to get great results from Pinterest you NEED to pin several times a day. Using scheduling tools helps to ensure that your pins go out at regular intervals, instead of all at once unless you set your own schedule to pin manually. A favorite feature of mine is Tailwind Tribes. It’s sort of like Pinterest group boards. You can either join tribes created by others or create your own tribes and invite others. After that you can start submitting pins to these tribes so that other Tribe members can begin pinning them. It’s a good way to get more re-pins and traffic.

You can try Tailwind for FREE  for 30 days with my link. Get a $15 credit when you sign up using this link. If you decide you love it, it’s $10 per month when paid in advance ($119/yr) or $15 monthly.

Be consistent with sharing and re-pinning valuable content. Pay attention to what the people in your niche are interested in. Be resourceful to them by solving their problems and answering their questions. With the Pinterest business account you can see what your audience is into which is a great way to know what type of content your viewers are looking for.

I hope you found these tips useful! What are your Pinterest tips? Share them with me in the comments.

Til’ Next Time ~Xoxo



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  1. I enjoyed your post. I’m sort of new to blogging and serious pinning, but I see some improvement..I am going to switch to rich pins and see it that helps more!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and so glad that you found this post useful! Rich pins helped me tremendously in increasing my traffic. Keep pinning! ~Xoxo

  3. So encouraging to hear that you’ve done so well since changing some of these things! Question…is this an old or new post? I see a lot of people recommending PinGroupie for group boards, but that site is no longer being updated.

  4. I am trying to grow my pinterest account right now and this information is so helpful! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge to help those of us just starting out 😉

  5. These are excellent tips. Group boards, Facebook groups, and Tailwind have been my biggest keys to Pinterest growth. I need to devote more time to scheduling and joining group boards though!

  6. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out how to have multiple images for my post! Thank you!

  7. I love the tips, and thank you for the Facebook groups suggestions, and I thank you for this article because you can never learn enough about how to do well using Pinterest.

  8. What an awesome post! I’m in my second month of blogging and this information is SO HELPFUL! Thank you for writing this!! Hopefully I can slowly get there!

  9. Thank you Julie! That means so much to me. The whole purpose of me writing this post is to hopefully help my fellow bloggers by sharing what has worked for me. Keep at it, you’ll get there! Xoxo

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