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Today I want to share one of my favorite things that happens in our homeschool life- science projects! I’ve always had a love for science. I love hands on experiments and learning about weather. What I love most is a very easy, no mess experiment- just like this easy tornado in a bottle project. With just a jar of water and a little liquid soap can be turned into a Tornado-science lesson. Best part of this is that your experiment will keep for weeks! Just shake it up whenever you’re in the mood to see your tornado.

A tornado is a violent rotating column of air that forms under the right weather conditions. When a tornado forms it creates a vortex which is a spinning, often turbulent flow of air. We can create our own vortex by swirling the contents of the jar (soap and water) to observe the motion of a tornado.



What you’ll need:

  • Glass jar with lid (I used a tall glass Voss water bottle, but you can use a mason jar, pickle jar- any jar with a lid)
  • Liquid Soap
  • Water


What to do:

  • Fill with water nearly the top, leaving about one inch to have room for shaking.
  • Add few drops of liquid soap.
  • Tighten the lid and shake up the jar vigorously in a circular motion then set it down.
  • You should see a tornado forming in the center of the jar.

*If you want to get really creative, you can also use food coloring to make the tornado have color and glitter to represent the debris.



Here’s a fun video you can add to your tornado study.


Other useful free printables to add to your tornado study unit.


Tornado In A Bottle Worksheet

Facts About Tornados

If you try this experiment, tag me #mominsanefit on Instagram so I can see your creation!

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