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Today I would like to share with you this easy DIY project. Having a little one around and Valentine’s day being just around the corner it’s the perfect timing to make some angel or cupid wings. I personally used this for a Valentine’s Day photo-shoot I did at home and I LOVED how it turned out! Gah! Soooooo much cuteness!

This is a very simple, easy, and most of all-cheap diy.

To Make These Wings

You’ll Need

  •  white cardboard- Dollar Tree $0.50
  • 4 packs of white craft feathers I got these at Michael’s for $1.88
  • sciccors
  • hot glue gun
  • white lace string

First, draw the shape of your wings on the cardboard, then cut it out. I am the LEAST person to know anything about drawing- except stick figures. THAT I can do, lol!! So if I can, you can definitely do it.


Then using the glue gun, glue the feathers one by one starting at the bottom working your way up. Once you’re done flip your wings to the other side. Glue the lace string in the middle of the wings. After glueing the lace string, you may now cover this side with the feathers. Finish adding feathers until they are all gone.

Note: I didn’t do any measuring with the lace string. I left the lace string as is. To put it on the little one I simply put the straps over the shoulders and then tie it through the back, under the wings.

For the crown

  • white feather boa
  • bendy craft wire

For the crown I  used two craft wire, and I made a circle with it (pictured below). I adjusted it that it would be a perfect fit for my little one. Then I added the feather boa by twisting it around the craft wire.




This is how my angel wings came out. And Jaaziel loved it. I was fortunate enough to find these cute white satin diaper covers at the local thrift store that were perfect for this Valentine’s Day Photo-shoot.

For a tutorial on how to do your own Valentine’s Day photo-shoot backdrop, check it out HERE

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

If you make these Angel Wings please tag my name #mominsanefit or @mominsanefit I would love to see your work!





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