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Every year at my son’s school, they always have a Dr. Seuss celebration day. And all the kids get to chose their favorite character to dress up as for the day. Well, after I did my little ones first birthday smash cake photo session with Dr. Seuss theme, we have all been a little um, well let’s say.. Seussical!! 
Jeffer decided that he wanted to be “The Cat In The Hat” for this special day at school.
That hat I already had. I found this black wolf type shirt on clearance at Walmart for $.98 and thought it was perfect for the “Cat” appearance.
Black pants and black shoes already had those too in the closet.
I painted his nose and drew some whiskers on with some black eye liner from my make up kit, ha! Now, he was really looking like The Cat In The Hat!
But what really makes this costume stand out, is that big ol’ red bow tie. I searched online and came across this super easy and simple tutorial on how to make this big red  cat in the hat bow tie.

And there it is! Simple CAT IN THE HAT DIY!

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  1. I’m all for this, making putting together a costume and have it look cute for little to no money is something I can get on board with. The kids just had dr. Seuss day at school. But now that I’ve got this idea, I can start looking for next year, they’ll win the prize for sure!

  2. Right with ya! You’ve got plenty of time for sure to make a Dr. Seuss costume that rocks!Thanks for stopping by ~Xoxo

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