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I’ve been trying to play catch up with my latest projects and keep you updated with the tutorials. Last week I shared my China Hutch Makeover and today I get to show you how I turned around my boring desk chair into a sleek and stylish chair!

I’ve had this chair for over a year now and I purchased it from a local thrift store for $2.91. I’ll admit that the only reason I purchased it because it was comfy and the price lol. I really got tired of how it looked and since I just recently got an A-MAZING deal on a Roll Top desk, I thought it’s time to give this chair a makeover. I will be painting the roll top desk so this is a must do. This was a super simple, quick and low budget diy. I purchased the fabric at Joann Fabrics and used a 50% coupon.

My inspiration and motivation to start this project was this beautiful office chair makeover. I just love the fur style on this chair!

Source|| A Beautiful Mess

Materials I used:

  • Chair In Need Of A Makeover
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • 1 Yard Fabric
  • Industrial Stapler


I started off  by taking it apart and wiped it off with a cloth. I gave it two coats of spray paint. I waited 15 minutes in between each coat of paint. Depending on the weather  you might have to wait more or less.

Here’s a funny story. So I tried to use chalk paint to dye the chair but had no success with that. I gave it three coats and it looked like someone found this in a dumpster. I’ve read in other blogs about dying fabric using chalk paint but probably this fabric is to hard and stiff for that to work. I know I don’t need to share with you every detail of this makeover process, but just can’t leave the messy parts out.

So the next day I purchased this beautiful soft pink fleece fabric. I liked the fur, but this one really caught my attention. If I had found a pink fur fabric I would’ve chosen that, but the store had run out.

I set the fabric facing down on the table and laid out the seat cushion on top. I did the bottom part of the chair first. I gave it about four inches extra so I had enough fabric to staple to the bottom. I didn’t measure anything, just eye balled it.

I stapled down one side and made sure to pull very hard to make the fabric very tight. I don’t want to have lose fabric and a wrinkled chair. Then I stapled down all the corners of the fabric to the chair.

For the top part I did the same. I placed the top part facing down on top of the fabric and gave it enough fabric to cover some part of the back, but not entirely. Don’t mind the zig zag type of cut I did. I’m so bad at cutting fabric lol.




Here’s how the back looks so far. Don’t worry about my terrible cuts. That will be hidden.



Then I cut more fabric to cover that part poking out. I just cut two to three inches extra. I folded to give it a nice seem and stapled it down together. This is how it came out.


What I really love about using this type of fabric vs regular upholstery fabric is that the staples tend to be hidden. This was the part I was terrified about covering with fabric. I have no idea how to sew, and I did not want to have some hideous staples showing all through the back of the chair. Because of this material, I had no issues with the staples being visible.





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