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Keeping a clutter free home makes life easier. There are ton of organization ideas that can be done with a few bucks. What better place to keep it frugal than the dollar store? There are many items that you can find at the dollar store that can be used in DIY projects and keep your home looking cute.

Check out these ideas I’ve found below and check the source to get full tutorial!


$9 Linen Closet Makeover

Found From || Amber Downs

Things can bet pretty messy with a linen closet. Follow this tutorial to get things organized.



Scarf Organization

Found From || From The Desk 

If you have a thing for scarfs like me, then you’ll love this tutorial. This is the perfect way to keep them visible and neatly organized in your closet.


Dollar Store Closet Makeover

Found From || Home Made Ginger

There is always that one closet in the house that is just to throw random things. This tutorial uses bins and chalkboard labels from dollar tree. This is one amazing transformation!


Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

Found From || Bless Her House 

This is a great way to organize your bathroom drawers using these dollar store bins. You can easily organize your makeup, toothpaste, mouth wash and other stuff in here too!



DIY Tiered Jewelry Tray From Dollar Store Finds

Found From || The Happy Housie

I love this jewelry tray. It’s also perfect to place the keys, fruits, nail polish or make up. The possibilities are endless!



Under The Sink Organization

Found From || 320 Sycamore

This is one clever organization hack that she uses to tidy up under the sink.



Soap Box Organizer

Found From || Shady Tree Diary

Store your kids small toys in travel soap box holders. No more losing playing cards, beads, crayons and more!



Organize Your Hair Accessories

Found From || The Idea Room 

If you’ve got curly hair like me, chances are that you probably lose more bobby pins than you can count. This idea is great for all those little hair accessories that can easily be lost.



Storing Kids’ Pens

Found From || There Was A Crooked House

Use buckets to organize their art supplies.


Keep Your Tights Organize Using Clothespins

Found From || Lane Red Studio 

Avoid having a super messy closet using this simple fix using clothespin.


Whether you rent or own your own home, storage is super important. Everything should have its own place to avoid it from turning into a giant mess. These clever organization hacks are sure to help you start a clutter free home.

Go ahead and check the tutorials found in the original source and let me know what you think!




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