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It’s been a little over four weeks since this crazy weight loss (or perhaps weight gain since that’s the way I’ve been moving towards, ugh!). Once again I’ve sabotaged my weight loss journey with all the holiday eating. Well geesh, that’s a crappy excuse for my health and goals. For the past few months I have been starting each week with the same hopes of sticking with the Eat To Live plan. Each attempt, has failed within the three day mark. Now I’m desperate to lose this weight. Yes I know I’ve said that before, but I have been consistently gaining weight and am at 240 pounds!!! I was at 200 pounds in July! How the heck did this happen so quickly? I went for my physical a few weeks ago and my cholesterol is at 274! This is a wake up call. I need to take serious control over my life.

I think the hardest part of losing weight is the idea of having to give up something that I really enjoy- chocolate, cakes and bread!

I was binge watching YouTube last night and came across this video that was  a wake up call for me. Nothing is more shocking and scary that knowing that having 100 pounds of fat in my body  not only looks and feels terrible, but it’s also killing me slowly inside. I NEED to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I refuse to continue down this path, killing myself slowly with food.

Let’s Eat To Live!



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