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You have to find out what’s right for you, so it’s trial and error.  You are going to be alright if you accept realistic goals for yourself.


Full of excitement after a great week of losing 7 pounds by just changing my eating habits. It was a Monday morning that I stepped onto the scale and the number yelled with an echo in my ear “228 pounds!!!” I was devastated, disappointed and ashamed of myself for letting me get back to that point. That exact morning I focused on every single meal I ate.I made sure I was drinking 100 oz of water at the least. By Friday, I had lost 4 pounds! Seriously? I have been focusing on the wrong things for the past months while on my weight loss journey.

When you start seeing results, it becomes an addiction. That Friday I decided to do a 3 day Shakeology cleanse so I can jumpstart on Monday with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 6 week Eat To Live Nutritarian diet. I lost an additional 3 pounds with the Shakeology cleanse. Super excited and motivated, feeling lighter and with this sense to go all in to stick with the plan. By Tuesday afternoon I had skipped a meal and snacked in between which that is NOT part of the plan. I was already feeling discouraged for not following 100% of the plan. As the week was almost to an end, I added more processed carbs, snacks, coffee and juice in my days. That feeling I had of awesomeness and complete control of my  life I had the week before was completely gone. I was right back where I started. This sick feeling in my gut of failure. Not getting things done. Had I lost motivation? What happened that week that I stuck with it, but the next week I couldn’t even focus on the simple task of following my three healthy meals a day?

I’ve done a lot of thinking and organizing my thoughts to start over the 6 week Eat To Live plan. I feel that writing down and keeping a journal of my meal plan for the week and keeping a visual of my weight and goals with keep me on track.  When I see that pattern emerging I tend to look to something else to motivate me. I’ve come to understand that motivation is not kept,  it needs to be found. It needs to be constantly searched for. You can’t sit around hoping to be motivated 24/7.You have to push yourself to try new things, whether it’s food or exercise or experiences. Don’t sit back feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t give yourself a guilt trip about it. Just actively seek out something fun you can latch on to for the time being and when it no longer serves you and you find yourself back in the pattern move on again.

Progress not perfection.

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