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My greatest battle is the toughest one to overcome- a mental one. As I start my day, I’m as motivated as one can be. Filled with goals and challenges that I’m ready to conquer. This journey to onederland has been a repetitive and not fun at all. I’ve started over more times than I can even remember. Stepping in the scale this morning, because TODAY is the day that I will “stick” with the plan to get to my healthiest and best shape of my entire life self. The scale read- 231 lbs. That feeling of defeat once again as the numbers keep moving like a roller coaster.

My last attempt of Becoming Nutritarian was a big fail. You can see how it went here. But I’m one to not give up on a goal. Once I set my mind to something I will get there. I never change the goal, just change the action plan. This one requires my mindset to shift. To focus on every single meal that I eat. Every single food and when will I eat. I cannot let my mood and ‘hunger’ derail me from what I have set to do.

I’ve slipped these past days in giving me a chance to eat whatever I want mentality until I begin this Nutritarian lifestyle. Problem is that I’ve felt like crap after I finish eating. And there comes the guilt and blame of why I am not seeing changes in my weight loss.

Today I woke up with the worst allergies ever. My eyes were watery and swollen, snots and sneezing every few minutes. It hit me. If I would be eating more nutrient dense whole foods and taking care of me I would be losing weight and feeling great. So I went to Whole Foods Market and did a little shopping for some produce to jumpstart with this tomorrow. It’s time for me to stop procrastinating and get things done.

SO, wish me luck (I need it!) as I fight my salt, oil, and sugar cravings and recondition myself to enjoy the true flavors of nutritious food.

Diet Starts Tomorrow!!




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