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For the past few months I’ve avoided the scale, measurements and many times even the workouts. Physically I know my body has gained weight. Workout clothes don’t fit anymore and I’d hide from the scale- I’d just rather not face that big number on the scale yelling at me telling me how much I screwed up.


Accept The Reality And Face It

I tend to beat myself up for not following my nutritional goals, not making it to my workouts. I don’t want to face that scale so I keep telling myself that I’ll check my weight later when I’m ready to go “All In”. So I weighed myself this week and that scale said 228 pounds!!!! That’s 28 pounds I gained in a few months. I’m so disappointed in myself. But this is my first step toward redemption.

Truth is waiting only makes the process longer and leads for any type of progress to fall further behind.


Set New Goals

For me baby steps have been key to my success in the past. I never try to lose 10 pounds, I set out to lose 5. Then 5 more. All the way down to 80.

Having a goal is key to getting out of your stall and moving forward. It creates a mental shift. Now you’re focuses again on the positive. New goals, new mindset, new motivation.

It’s important that your new goals are based on where you are at now. Your now is your reality so build on that.


Start Working Out

Working out does wonders for your mind. I find that nothing makes me feel better than a tough workout. I feel strong and empowered. It puts me in a better mood and it makes you crave more. One good workout makes me want another, and another one.

Move Forward 

Forgive and forget. You can’t move forward while your looking backward. Keep moving forward or your past will destroy your present.

Thinking over and over again what you’ve done wrong is useless. If there’s a way to learn from your mistakes, that’s great, and it can be very instructive. Everyone fails Get over it. Besides, what other choice do you have? Be sad forever? Return to your old lifestyle? Of course not.

The best way to move forward, is to move forward. Just get up and look ahead of you, not backward. Don’t think about how many slices of cake you ate. Don’t dwell on the exercise you didn’t do. Don’t count yesterday’s calories. It’s over and done. Forgive yourself and move on. 

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