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This morning I woke up full of motivation to get started right. Stepped on the scale to weigh in and take my measurements. Here’s my starting point:

Weight: 224 pounds

Chest: 46″

Waist: 44″

Arm Right: 15″

Arm Left: 15″

Thigh Right: 27″

Thigh Left: 27″

Hips: 45″

Day 1

Today was my first day of the Eat To Live plan and it was challenging.

I had breakfast a little later than usual today. At 9:30 I had a banana for breakfast. I drank water and stayed busy to keep my mind off snacking in between meals. It wasn’t too bad. I had lunch at 1:30. For lunch I had black beans, brown rice with quinoa, raw tomato and onions diced up with some lime and garlic added and a little bit of spinach and kale. I was really hungry and I usually will have a huge amount of processed carbs. That’s where it got harder. I should’ve had lots of greens to keep me full but I didn’t eat much salad today. In the afternoon I decided to do my workout and have my meal afterwards. But it didn’t happen the way I had planned. Instead I let my emotions take over (extremely hungry) and I had a huge cup of coffee that was right in my face and of course I added creamer and lots of sugar with a sandwich. After I was done eating, I felt like a complete failure again.

This is where it all comes down to- I’m a food addict emotional binge eater. I didn’t realize this until trying to eat healthy and my minds urges for some processed unhealthy junk foods. I want to follow a plan based whole foods eating lifestyle. I need to stick with it. Tomorrow will be a better day. I feel that keeping a journal will keep me on track from quitting.

Overall Review of Day 1:

I felt hungry in between meals, but managed to control part of my day. It’s the evenings that gets to me the worst and make me miserable. Tomorrow morning I will plan my 3 meals ahead of time.

Day 2

Today I started off my day with a bitter-sweet feeling in my stomach from the poor choices  I had made the day before. I had a banana for breakfast at 8:00. I didn’t want to screw up again so I had one cup of oatmeal with soy milk which I added vanilla and cinnamon for flavor. By 10:30 my stomach was growling. I mean loud. I thought uh-oh, let me get some more water to stay full until lunch. I couldn’t help it so I had some peanuts and almonds (more than the recommended ounce of nuts a day) Lunch came around and baby Jaaziel wanted a nap. By then I was so hungry (my brain couldn’t even function correctly). Two o’clock came and I had no lunch prepared, no idea what was I going to grab to eat. I had the leftover oatmeal from the morning and plantain chips (yes, the salty ones). Talk about comfort food, psh! I almost ate the entire bag in one sitting.

Here I go again, I thought to myself. Screwing things up because I can’t seem to control myself. Feeling of regret and guilt came over me as soon as I was done with it. I kept on with my day and did my workout to try and feel better. For dinner I had beans, rice and an orange.

I sat down in the afternoon to continue reading the last pages I have left from the Eat To Live book and it was like that was right for me. Perfect timing. Here are some notes I want to point out:

What if I didn’t go all the way?

Falling off the plan for one meal should give you more incentive to continue the rest of the week without a setback. Jump right back so that you eat healthy for the rest of the week so as to make the one meal off the diet almost meaningless. Follow the 90 percent rule which allows you some leeway for imperfection for social occasions or to have a treat once in a while.  You can still reap the benefits of the nutrient dense foods if you follow the less-than-perfect “special occasion meal” with twenty healthy meals.

Stay in Control by Setting a Goal

Be realistic and flexible. It will take time for your taste buds to adjust to the new food choices. Moderation means recovering quickly when you have slipped. Jumpstart with full  effort for the first 6 weeks because those are most likely to succeed. Those who have jumped in with full effort the first six weeks have been the individuals most likely to stick with the plan and achieve results, month after month. Under the gradual approach, they “yo-yo” back and forth between their old behaviors and good ones.

The Drug of Choice for Most Americans- Food!

Most overweight individuals are addicted to food. Addicted means that you feel ill or uncomfortable should you not continue your usual habits. Some physical changes may initially discourage you. Stopping caffeine, reducing sodium, and dropping saturated fat from your diet while increasing fiver and nutrients may result in increased gas, headaches, fatigue, and other withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are temporary and rarely last longer than one week. Eventually the high volume of food and high nutrient content will help prevent long term food cravings.

Overall Review of Day 2

I wish I would have read the entire book before jumping into this. So many points at the end of the book that made sense to me as to how to stick with it and implement this change in my life. Change is hard. But why not do more and reap the results you have always been after quickly and permanently? This program might not be for everybody, because the desire to lose weight must be the willingness to make a commitment to achieve wellness. Once that commitment is made, with proper support and this program, everyone can succeed. Go for it.

Day 3

Starting off today with a positive mindset and a goal getter attitude.  With the pages that I read last night from the Eat To Live book I came to this conclusion: Keep it SIMPLE! I had today’s meals planned out.

For breakfast I had a bowl of fruits- banana, grapes, and strawberries. My stomach was growling by 11:00, but I stayed busy and reminded myself that my lunch would be coming soon. For lunch I had a huge plate of salad with half cup of black beans and I poured some vinegar for taste. I didn’t rush to eat it. I actually took my time to savor every bit of that salad and enjoyed it! I was feeling great and I had nuts for snack in between lunch and dinner because, well, I couldn’t ignore it this time, ugh! For dinner I had brussel sprouts and carrots with a cup of beans. The beans really help keep me full and I had plenty of water with every meal.

As soon as I was done with dinner, I brushed and flossed to keep me away from falling into food temptation once again. I kept my water bottle with me at all times, to keep me from wanting to slip up and eat everything in the kitchen, lol!

Overall Review of Day 3

Today was a success! Still not 100% but I’m at 90% already, which is better than the first two days.  I am so proud of myself for staying on track. The mindset plays such a huge role on whether you will succeed or not. Stay calm, don’t get overwhelmed and believe you can do it. First few days I didn’t really prepare myself mentally on the journey I was about to endure, so when the day came I wasn’t emotionally ready to “break-up” bad habits with food. That kept me from putting all my effort into it. Today was a step forward succeeding to becoming nutritarian.


Day 4

Today I was feeling hungry in the morning. I  got my Ninja and threw in some frozen pineapples, mango, banana, blueberries and soy milk. That was an amazing, delicious sweet breakfast smoothie. I’m getting better with holding off til’ lunch without snacking in between. I was running errands today, so when lunch time came I stopped by Chipotle and had a Sofritas salad with veggies, corn, tomato and guacamole – that was the best lunch ever!! I kept on with my day pretty good and had beans with carrots, onions and green peppers and some strawberries.

After dinner, I was (or thought I was) satisfied. My hunger (or maybe that boredom hunger) started to kick in. I kept busy, read a book,  but I had graham crackers with peanut butter and jelly. I know! Another slip up! This is seriously getting annoying that I lose control. After that, I thought I already messed up my day so why not have more “treats”. So I made myself a sandwich. Another fail.

I decided to keep a blog/journal about my journey to keep myself in check, and writing this gives me a huge disappointment of my actions. It’s unbelievable how a few seconds of the wrong thoughts can derail you from the right path. As I always say, it doesn’t matter how many trial and errors it takes


Restart week 1 AGAIN

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