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Starting over sucks. Being fat sucks. I’m coming back strong this time, no joke! I want to be able to wear a nice dress when it comes Christmas and New Years 🙂

Seriously, who doesn’t like to go shopping for new clothes? So that will be my biggest excuse!

First weigh in was Monday and that’s when my mindset changed. I couldn’t keep blaming everything else around me for my own mistakes and bad food choices. If there was one thing that I could control, that was the food I chose to eat. Only I could control what I ate.

I lost 3.2 pounds first few days by just changing my eating. I did the 3 day Shakeology cleanse during the weekend, which I dropped 4 more pounds, woot woot! I am so dang happy for making it happen.


It wasn’t easy, but seeing those numbers drop just makes me want to keep doing the things I’m supposed to to stay on track.





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